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335 E. Shields Ave. | Fresno, CA 93704
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All of our guests love the beautiful Atrium.

Enjoy our beautiful gardens while we pamper you.

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Our guests love the variety of books we have in our library.

Our Wonderful Amenities Provide Additional Comfort for Our Valued Guests.

Our beautiful Atrium is located in the center of our salon.  Every client is able to enjoy the gardens in the Atrium while in their stylist’s seat.  When you enter the Atrium and look up, you see a beautiful blue sky surrounded by lush green trees.  Guests can enjoy sitting quietly in the atrium next to statues and fountains while admiring the beautiful Atrium gardens.

Our private library is a wonderful feature at Marion’s.  Our clients can choose from a variety of books while they are pampered.  Some of our clients even leave their own books for others to enjoy!

We have a lovely boutique located at the very front of our salon that is full of wonderful products for your skin, nails, or hair, as well as other items such as jewelry, scarves, purses and home decor.  Please do not forget to browse through our boutique on your way in or out.

One of our favorite amenities is the beautiful artwork our salon features created by local artists.  All of the artwork is for sale.  Please make sure to browse through our salon and admire all of the lovely watercolors.

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